googledocs.jpegUsing Google Docs for Digital Writing
Google Docs are basically online versions of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentations programs. What makes them great for digital writing and collaboration is:

  1. They live "in the cloud," meaning that:
    • You can access them from any computer that connects to the internet. There is nothing to download, they run inside your web browser.
    • The version you are looking at is the most current one; no need to email updated versions back and forth.
    • Multiple people can edit a document at the same time.
    • They automatically track revisions.
    • They have a built in comment feature.
    • They are really easy to share with others.
  2. They are free to use, just create a Google account (ages 13+).

Overview of Google Docs for Educators:

IDEAS for using in the classroom:
  • Collaborative homework assignments (any GoogleDocs tool, including Spreadsheets)
  • Peer editing writing assignments (GoogleDocuments)
  • Creating and sharing group slide presentations (GooglePresentations)
  • Collecting student feedback (GoogleForms)