moodle.jpegUsing Moodle for Digital Writing
More than just a place to host quizzes and handouts, Moodle can serve as a forum for students to write and respond to each other's writing.

IDEAS for using in the classroom:

  • Have students respond to writing prompts or discussion questions. Students can also comment on each other's ideas and writing.
  • Hold an online debate after preparing in class. Specify a minimum number of posts/replies per student, use a rating scale and have a choice afterwards for a final vote. Optionally assign some students as moderators after giving them appropriate permissions.
  • Run a collaborative project in groups, using a separate groups discussion forum for the lead-in and a wiki for the final project output. Assess them on their forum contributions (sum of ratings), contribution using the history of edits as well as the overall quality.
  • Need more ideas for using Moodle to achieve pedagogical goals? See this handy chart!

HOW TO: Set up a Moodle Forum